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Wiparquet Range

Nature with all of it’s compelling history is behind the inspiration for the Wiparquet® selection of exquisite laminates. Using new and revolutionary technology, Classen Industries developed the Megaloc system to make laying laminate floors quick and easy without the need for glue or special tools.

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This flooring reflects nature at it’s best, a floor that is unique to touch and marvelous to look at. Extreme durability, warm to the touch and more quiet than other laminates. It has a high UV resistance – which is perfect for our harsh NZ climate, It is anti static and comes in a large range of colours.

Classen laminate


There are several colours in the Wiparquet collection varying from white wash to natural darker style look.  Our colours have been chosen by interior designers and are proving very popular with current carpet and general décor tonings. The colour range will be continuously reviewed to keep up with the trends.


The Wiparquet range is an 8mm thick board with a bordering bevelled edge. It is a CLASSEN Megaloc system with the Isowaxx® seal applied. This forms a seal within and between the joints, working its way upwards to form a moisture resistant seal.

This provides optimal protection against moisture ingress from above, an area which has always been a weak point with Laminate flooring.


Mega-simple, Mega-quick, Mega-strong: Set, lock it in and it’s done!

That is CLASSEN® Megaloc.

Megaloc is new, Megaloc is unique. Megaloc is certainly the fastest and easiest laying system in the world.

Laying your Laminate flooring is child’s play with this new generation laying system. Megaloc is a patented, glue free laying system that is simple, quick and easy to install without the use of any special tools or adhesives.

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Classen Megaloc by Creative Flooring


15 Year Limited Residential Warranty