What is Ceramin?

Choosing a floor is something that cannot be rushed, it’s a decision that needs to be made with some level of knowledge and forethought. Some of the decisions you need to make are around where the floor is in your house and how much foot traffic it gets and whether it needs to be waterproof or not.
These are all big decisions and can only be made if we are fully aware of the products that are available in the marketplace.
Ceramin flooring is a mineral-composite floor and wall covering that is free from phthalates, plasticisers and volatile harmful substances. It is low weight per metre squared and yet still extremely robust, making it the ideal surface for flooring and walls, and although far lighter than ceramic, it’s just as stable, waterproof and heavy duty.

Made in Germany, Ceramin is ideal for flooring, wall and wet coverings.

✓ Water resistant
✓ Extremely hard-wearing
✓ Without PVC and chlorine
✓ Free from plasticisers and phthalate
✓ Recyclable
✓ Ecological and exclusively made in Germany
✓ Design-decors in digital printing processes

There are 3 different ranges within the Ceramin offering:

NEO 2.0

NEO 2.0 by Classen is the floor covering for ALL living areas: highly resilient and durable in hallways and kitchens, warm underfoot, hygienic and ecological for children‘s rooms and bedrooms, elegant and classy in representative rooms. No matter where NEO by Classen 2.0 is laid, this flooring reveals its potential in any room.


Sono features the forest range that primarily takes on board authentic wood decors with a perceptible surface structure – bringing the original and characteristic feel of nature into your home. The large choice of grain and colours allows you to set specific highlights and achieve classic contrasts.


Vario was developed as an alternative to natural stone and ceramic tiles. A combination of polypropylene with natural materials makes these tiles lighter and easier to work with. They can be attached to walls and floors in order to give rooms a uniform look. This range has all the advantages of a ceramic tile but much more lightweight and very easy to install.
Vario Flooring and Walls at Creative Flooring
To find out more and see some colour samples please contact us on 09 440 9625 or call into our showroom on Diana Drive, North Shore Auckland.
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