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This stunning French Oak flooring looks fantastic in any colour from our range – including natural or polyurethaned.

It arrives on site, ready to install in one day.

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A stunning French Oak that resembles the floor boards of yesteryear. With two edges to choose from – square or bevelled –  this beautiful flooring comes as a site finished product and can come in various colour ranges.

It has been a long-standing European tradition to use hard-wax oils to create natural looking timber floors that are hard wearing and have an authentic ‘Old World’ look. Now you can beautify your home with a true European product. We are committed to environmental sustainability, using products and systems that support our commitment.

French Oak Floors
French Oak Floors C07


French oak flooring comes in many colours or it can be coated with a clear hard-wax oil or lacquer, we can also create custom colours to suit any decor.

Residential Oiled Wood Floor
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French Grey

Parque Oiled Wood Floors
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Parque Oiled Wood Floors

Residential Oiled Wood Flooring
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Residential Oiled Wood Flooring


Creative Flooring offers an option,  unique to New Zealand in the prefinished wooden floor market. Importing an unfinished French Oak engineered flooring board in two premium grades, the flooring is prefinished here in our factory with Hardware Oils imported from Holland and Germany. A standard range of fourteen colours is available however other options are possible with consultation from our design team. Your order is custom made in the colour, quantity and specific to your requirements. This means minimum delay in delivery and a back up service of matching coloured oils and maintenance systems. Matching oils for repairs and for coating accessories are readily available.


Our wood flooring has been finished with Hardwax Oils and is fully cured on installation. Hardware Oils are resistant to:
  • Saliva and Perspiration per DN V 53160/1-2
  • Staining from water, coffee, beer, Coke and red wine.
  • Perspiration and saliva
  • Safe and suitable for toys
Creative Flooring uses Hardwax Oils from Holland and Germany which are applied in our Auckland factory.






Maintenance of an oiled wood floor is important. It is important to remember that wood flooring is a living material. The wood, although no longer growing as part of a tree, is still very much a part of its environment, responding to light, temperature, humidity and wear.

The general rule is that a wood floor takes four seasons to settle into its environment. It is normal to see movement in the boards, as some gaps do open up owing to changes in temperature and humidity, which are brought by heating and naturally changing seasons of the year. As the floor ages, the colour will mellow and deepen. There is no cause for alarm as it is a natural process due to the oxidation of the wood and finish and the ultraviolet light present in sunlight. This same process is occurring to your painted services, upholstery, furniture and rugs.

With the correct care your floors will stay beautiful for many years to come. Common sense and a few preventative steps can lengthen the life of your floors.

  1. Wood and water do not mix! Excessive amounts of water can cause your wood floor to swell and cup.
  2. Only use a slightly damp mop to clean your wood floors
  3. Vacum beater bars can cause damage to your floors surface, if possible, turn off the beater bar, or use the hose or wand attachment with a soft upholstery nozzle for your wood flooring.
  4. Never place potted plants directly in contact with your wood flooring.
  5. Dogs and cats nails can scratch and dent your floors surface, keep nails trimmed regulary.
  6. Use dirt trapping walk-off mats at all exterior doors to prevent dirt and sane from entering the building.
  7. Vacuum, sweep or dust mop as needed to remove dirt and sand and prior to cleaning your wood floors.
  8. Use area rugs on high traffic pathways, but ensure you avoid rubber backed or non ventilated rugs as your wood floor needs to breathe.
  9. Keep high heels in good repair so they do not damage the floor and do not wear stiletto heels on any wooden floor.
  10. Always put protective pads on the legs of any furniture to avoid scratches or dents.

Here are some methods for re-oiling your floor?

Dry-cleaning of the floor: Preferably remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner or floorservice dry clean cloths. Any remaining grains of sane may cause scratches in the surface. Only dry clean the newly oiled floor during the first 10 days.

Wet cleaning of the floor: Mop stubborn dirt away with the Floorservice Parquet Cleaner. Mix approximately 100ml Parquet Cleaner with 10 litres of clean water and clean the floor with a well squeezed mop. Allow the floor to dry completely before walking on it. It is best to use Floorservice products as they are 100% compatible with the Floorservice oils. Avoid anything that has ammonia in its ingredients as this strips oils from the floor.

Maintenance of the floor: Depending on the intensity of use, treatment with Floorservice Maintenance Oil must be carried out regularly in order to keep the floor in optimum condition. First thoroughly clean the flor with Floorservice Parquet Cleaner and allow it to dry completely. Apply Floorservice Maintenance Oil to small areas in an even layer with a cloth with the grain of the wood. For larger areas we recommend using a buffing machine.Dribble the Maitenance Oil in the shape of a snake and polish it in with a buffing machine with a thick white pad. 1 litre of Maintenance oil is sufficient for approximately 70-100m2. Drying time 6-12 hours.

Although some may regard this as onerous it needs to be remembered that oils are easily applied, small areas can be re-oiled at a time and the benefits mentioned above far outweigh the cost and inconvenience of recoating polyurethane surfaces.

For more information please goto: Overmat site:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my floor age or change in colour?


You can expect to see shade differences in your floor over time. The cause is usually from exposure to the ultraviolet rays of sun, whether direct or indirect. This colour change will be more noticeable in higher shades, which will darken over time. These changes are due to the natural characteristics of wood and are not covered by manufacturers warranties.

Why does my floor expand and contract?

The most important point to realise is that wood flooring is subject to expansion and contraction of the boards themselves according to the amount of moisture in the local environment.

All houses have their own indoor climate, with that we mean the amount of moisture in the air (humidity). the temperature, the type of heating ad the amount of ventilation. Some factors you can control yourself, she are caused by outside conditions. In a comfortable home with slight humidity variation through the seasons, wood floors will react by expanding and contracting, and in some instances split in the top layer.

These changes maybe noticeable during:

(a) Humid weather, the wood floor may expand

(b) Dry weather, the wood floor may shrink

The seasonal movement is a normal characteristic of wood floors and it never stops, regardless of the age of the wood floor.

Can I steam mop my wooden floors?


Wood and water doe not mix!! Excessive amount of water can cause your wood to swell and cup. Only use a slightly damp mop to clean the wood floors.

Can I wear high heels on my wooden floors?

Yes you can wear high heels on wooden floors, however they must be kept in good repair. Heels that have worn down or lost their protective cap, exposing the steel support rod, will dent and pit wood. DO NOT WEAR STILETTO HEELS on any wooden floor.

What is the optimum temperature for wooden floors?

The optimum temperature for wooden floors is 18 to 20 degrees. When humidity is higher wood floors expand. The optimum humidity range is 40-70%.