Flooring on the wall, why not?

Most people think of flooring as something you walk on, but these days flooring can also go on walls, ceilings and some people even make feature frames out of them! So what type of flooring can you put on your walls and what does it look like?

It really depends on the look you are going for and your budget but to be honest anything is possible. For instance this bathroom features a laminate flooring on the wall giving a modern but distressed wood accent.

Photo Credit – Pinterest

This wall uses a beautiful engineered oiled wood planking for a more luxurious feel that compliments the decor and brings warmth into the room.

Wood - Creative Flooring

Another style is to lay your laminate planks vertically giving your design a more ‘bachy’ look with white washed walls and modern furnishings.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

You could also use some laminate flooring or the ceramin range in bathrooms on walls and ceilings due to it’s lightweight properties and waterproof qualities.

Flooring on ceilings and walls

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The most important factor to remember is to remain open to ideas especially when there are so many other options. If you would like to speak to one of our design team about how we can help you then contact us at 09 440 9625

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