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Cork floor tiles are a natural product that provide warmth, comfort, durability and softness under foot. Cork tiles come in an exciting selection of earthy tones, shimmering metallics or customised colours to suit your interior design project.

Cork is an eco-friendly sustainable flooring choice of the future. The best natural insulator, it will keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Cork flooring has come a long way since the days of orange curtains and beaded doorways. This fantastic insulation material has been modernized to adapt to the new millennium with metallic sheens, vibrant colours and a variety of shapes and sizes.

The colour is fused into the polyurethane and coated onto the tiles in our NZ factory. Every project includes a tin of touch up paint of the selected colour for the floor layer to colour any raw cork edges and for the homeowner to touch up any damage that may occur.

Add value to your home or commercial project by choosing a distinctive colour which matches your decor.

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Proof of cork’s exceptional versatility is its ability to take on any colour you care to name. Stormy greys, mossy greens, metallic silvers and earthy tones are just some examples of the colours being chosen by designers, architects and homeowners. Depending on your taste, you can request to have a ‘block out’ colour – where you can’t see the cork granules, or you can choose to see the cork through the colour.

We offer a custom colour option where you can choose a colour from the Resene chart & we supply you with 3 versions of that colour for a small fee.

Add borders, patterns and key squares or choose a distinctive colour throughout the home or commercial project.

We have a lot of experience with colours and we will be happy to provide examples of what has worked well.


The following study shows the thermal interaction between the foot and the floor, using an infrared camera to view thermography.

Results show that cork flooring has the greatest warming impact on your feet.

This is because each square inch of cork has millions of sealed air filled cells, making cork soft, warm and brilliant for sound proofing.


Your tiles are pre-finished to order in our factory here in NZ, which means each tile is crafted especially for you. Custom colours are available to match paint samples, or you can choose from our popular range of colours. Our cork tiles come from Portugal, he home of cork, which we pre-finish with a water-borne polyurethane low in VOCs and an ‘R Factor’ of 2.6.

Cork flooring is sold by the square metre in the following sizescoloured_cork_tiles_2x250:

300 x 300 x 6mm

450 x 450 x 6mm

600 x 300 x 6mm

900 x 150 x 5mm planks

Coloured cork tiles come with a 1mm bevelled edge, while raw (traditional) cork tiles are square edged.

Pre-finished cork tiles require no sanding. The final coat is with either, Gloss, Silk Matt (lo-sheen) or Matt.

Coloured cork tiles are coloured to order and we aim to have your tiles delivered to you within two weeks of ordering.


10-year Residential Structural Cork Flooring Limited Warranty – Click HERE to download


Below you will find recommendations on how best to keep your Cork Concepts floor looking good now and into the future.

  • A floor coated with poleurathaine is usually “touch” dry within 2-3 hours. However the floor coating is still curing at this stage.
  • As a general rule wait 8 hours after the application of the top coat before walking into the room. Your floor can receive light foot traffic at this stage.
  • Wait at least 72 hours before moving in furniture and exposing the floor to full use.
  • Do not cover, place mats or use maintenance products on your floor for two weeks after application.
  • Excess moisture on the floor should be avoided at all times. Remove spillages immediately.
  • Remember to put protective pads on the feet of all furniture to avoid marks.
  • Placing of mats at the entrance door is important. A mat placed externally and internally will remove dirt, grit and moisture from the feet of people entering your home. This will prevent material scratching and wearing away the finish film.
  • Dirt and grit can be removed with a vacuum cleaner but your floor will need a more thorough clean from time to time.
  • To ensure the long life of your cork flooring, always use cleaning and maintenance products specially designed for polyurethane coated flooring. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Following these guidelines and using maintenance products designed for your Cork floor will help to extend the lifetime of your floor and bring out the best in it.