Choosing a floor material

Choosing the right type of flooring for your house, apartment or bach can be a tough decision especially when new products are being introduced to the market all the time. Do you carpet your floor, do you polish the concrete or do you lay down some other type of flooring such as wood?

Dependent on the room and the flow of trafiic, there are a variety of considerations to think about. Here we summarise some of the most popular types of flooring materials:

  • Wood Floors
  • Laminates
  • Waterproof Ceramin Floors
  • Cork
  • Vinyl
  • Polished Concrete


Wood continues to be the flooring of choice for may homeowners due to its durability and warmth. The natural look and feel is also a large deciding factor for many people with oak being one of the most popular choices. Engineered hardwood floors come in a variety of styles such as plank, parquet and prefinished boards and there are a range of finishes you can choose from too. Take a look at our Oiled Wood Floor selection or pop into our showroom on Diana Drive, North Shore.

French Oak Floors C07


Laminate flooring is still a popular flooring choice mainly because it is easier to install than solid-wood hardwood floors and is much less expensive. Laminate floors get their name because they’re composed of different wood-based materials that are layered, or laminated, together then topped with a wood grain photographic imprint on the face of each board. We stock two ranges of laminate from Classen, the Extravagant collection and the Wiparquet collection both offer a great range of natural colours that are clean and modern.

Ceramin is a relatively new product that is created and made in Germany. The product is well know for being able to withstand heavy duty traffic as it is extremely robust and more importantly completely waterproof. It is also contaminant free and easily recyclable. The product comes in 3 ranges, Neo, Sono and Vario each with their own properties for different areas. Take a look at our product range and see if Ceramin is right for you.


Cork is a eco-friendly green alternative, it’s also soft underfoot due to it’s honeycomblike cellular structure. It is very warm to the touch and can absorb vibrations and sounds well. Cork flooring is available in pre-finished tiles or planks and comes in a range of colours and finishes. The tiles have a natural, nonslip surface that makes cork ideal for wet areas like kitchens or bathrooms.

Cork Flooring


Vinyl is a hard wearing product that is a popular choice for rooms that are prone to moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms, laundry, kitchens and entrance ways. It is easy to clean, soft underfoot and good value. It is available as sheets and self-stick tiles, and it is sold in a variety of widths and thicknesses.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has become rather popular of late with a wide range of sealers and finishes, giving homeowners a greater choice in design and finished product. They are highly durable and low in maintenance but can be cool in the winter months like tiles.

If you would like to talk to us more about what flooring options are right for you then please come along to  our showroom on the North Shore or give our design team a call on 09-440 9625.


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