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Acoustic Cork Underlay

Effective sound control and thermal insulation underlay.
Cork is one of the best insulation materials in the world. If you are unable to use cork tiles, the next best thing is cork as an underlay. Acoustic Cork can be put under carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, laminate and engineered wood flooring.

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Acoustic Cork comes in sheets made from agglomerated cork pieces baked and bound together. Cork is the natural outer layer of the Quercus Suber Oak tree, which abounds in Portugal. Cork’s amazing thermal and acoustic insulation qualities are due to its unique cellular structure.

Acoustic Cork Underlay

Features and Benefits

The unique cellular construction of cork, consisting of approximately 40 million air filled cells per cubic centimetre is the secret. The entrapped air serves as a very effective noise barrier while providing natural resilience and great insulation values.

  • The low density (10-12lbs) natural composition cork provides the best sound deadening resiliency and durability. Its low weight provides thermal insulation as well and is easily and economically applied. It also gives stress crack protection for ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring.
  • Acoustic Cork should be used in buildings where it is necessary to reduce noise transmission from floor to floor or from room to room, such as in apartment blocks, schools, hotels and offices.
  • Acoustic Cork deadens the impact noise, such as that made by high heel shoes on hardwood floors, ceramics, marble or stone flooring.
  • In addition, cork is environmentally friendly because it is one of nature’s few rewnable resources. Cork oak bark is harvested in nine year cycles with mature trees living up to 250 years. Unlike synthetic man-made underlays, cork cells do not break down or lose their natural resilience even after years of heavy use.
  • With Acoustic Cork you are guaranteed consistent thickness of the sound control underlay without trowel levelling of products mixed on site. The consistent thickness ensures a quality sound rated floor system.
  • The cork sheets can be laid over any type of sub-floor as well as under ceramics, vinyl timber marble, natural stone or carpet.


Whether you want to act on the impact sound or on the step sound there are several Acoustic Cork solutions to help you trap those unwanted noises. Give us a call to discuss this further or download our brochure HERE


 Acoustic Cork comes in sheets:

  • 915mm x 610mm x 1mm
  • 915mm x 610mm x 3mm
  • 915mm x 610mm x 6mm

Material: Natural Composition Cork

Uses: Underlayment / Acoustical / Sound Control / Stress Crack Protection / Environmental Insulation

Binder: Polyurethane
Granule Size: 1-4mm
Typical Values: Density Minimum

Kg/m3 (pcf) 184 (11.5)
Compression % 20 – 50
Recovery % up to 95
Tensile Strength Kpa (psi)
L – 414 (60) L – Test on the longitudinal way
T – 276 (40) T – Test on the transversal way

Acoustic Cork in 6mm thickness exceeds sound-deadening requirements for floors separating living units such as in apartment buildings, condominiums, and office towers. Acoustic Cork is available in many different thicknesses depending on the flooring system designed and the IIC and STC ratings required.


25 Year Limited Residential Warranty & 5 Year Limited Commercial Warranty
Cork Concepts Floating Floor is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects.

Warranty Coverage
This warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects.

Cork Concepts Wear Warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Problems caused by moisture, alkaline substances, hydrostatic pressure, expansion and contraction between planks when humidity levels above or below those recommended.
  2. Damage due to scratches, gauges, scuffs, punctures, cuts, indentations, burn accidents, lack of proper furniture rests or any intentional misuse of the product.
  3. Loss of finish gloss over time is consistent with normal wear and is not a product flaw.
  4. It is normal and expected for there to be colour variations due to use of natural components, exposure to UV light or sunlight and ageing of the material. Therefore, colour inconsistency between samples, replacement product, or illustrations and actual product is not a manufacturing flaw.
  5. Non compliance with installation instructions and maintenance guidelines as recommended by Cork Concepts, voids the manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. Cracking, warping, soiling, fading, improper maintenance or abuse caused by items such as rollers skates, golf shoes or pets.
  7. Exposure to UV light and sun light will cause colour variation to natural cork products. This is normal and is not a manufacturing flaw. Area rugs and large furniture will block light exposure and cause uneven coloration. To minimize this, furnishing and floor coverings should be moved periodically.
  8. The installer should not apply pieces that are doubtful as to appearance or dimension. Cork Concepts will not cover the cost of labour for repair.
  9. Cork floor covering installed in inappropriate areas is excluded from this warranty.


Once your cork insulation has been laid there should be very little maintenance required.